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Welcome to the Codex[ml] V2 XML file Navigator - Codex[ml] XML Navigator V2.0

XML Navigator is the CodeX[ml] application aimed at visualizing and navigating the XML documents stored in the system. Using Navigator you can search for documents in the archive in different ways: by means of the on line catalogues of the owner agencies, by inserting search data which allow to identify the document in the libraries domainm, or by using the XML Navigator internal identifier. Once identified the digital object, the application represents its structure by means of a tree structured format, which can be explored in all its parts. The information is collected in real time from the XMLs stored in the database. Images are provided by Container.

You do not need to create an account to use the Codex[ml] XML Navigator.

It's possible that some of the digital resources stored within CodeX[ml] can be accessed only upon payment of a subscription fee to the owner agency. Codex[ml] XML Navigator will report these resources and the type of subscription they fall into.

To purchase a subscription:

NOTE: If you are registered on Codex[ml] Store you don't need to re-register. Your account gives you access to all existing services.


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